Feb­ru­ary 2012

Three sto­ries in Con­no­ta­tion Press due in April 2012.

Book review of Sud­den Fic­tion Youth in Gen­tly Read Lit­er­a­ture, April 2012.

Book review of Select­ed Poems by Fred­er­ick Sei­del, Open Let­ters Month­ly April 2012

Novem­ber 2011

Broke, a chap­book of poems, from MiPOe­sias.

Three poems, Port­land Alliance.

Octo­ber 2011

Two sto­ries in Unshod Quills Decem­ber issue.

August 2011

sto­ry in Del Sol Review.

July 2011

Sto­ry in anthol­o­gy Stripped.

June 2011

poems in Amethyst Arsenic and Metazen.

fic­tion in Nick­el City Review.

April 2011

Two poems in Cori­um.

March 2011

Sto­ry in a future issue of GUD.

Poems in a future issue of MiPOe­sias in col­lab­o­ra­tion with artist Alexan­dra Tyng.

Feb­ru­ary 2011

Sto­ry in a future issue of Metazen.

Three poems in a future issue of MiPOe­sias.

A micro-sto­ry  in the zine A-Minor.

Jan­u­ary 2011

My review of Scott Ely's Dream­fish­ing pub­lished in Amer­i­can Book Review.

Four poems in the new jour­nal Prime Min­cer.

Decem­ber 2010

My poem 'On a Line from Katie Moore' was pub­lished in Down Dirty Word.

Novem­ber 2010

Four poems in Spare Change.

Sto­ry Rights of the Wronged in Dark Sky.

May 2010

My flash "The Dis­tance Between, the Hori­zon Ahead," will appear in Abjec­tive.

My flash "Some­thing Like Love" was pub­lished in the Buf­fa­lo Art Voice.

Muz­zle took my poem "#9 Dream: Zom­bie Apoc­a­lypse."

April 2010

My flash "An Expla­na­tion for Love" will appear in the Fall issue of Los Ange­les Review.

"Coun­try Boys," a sto­ry, will be pub­lished in an anthol­o­gy called Degrees of Ele­va­tion.

"Feel­ing the Ground Give Way," a sto­ry, will be pub­lished in anthol­o­gy called What Doesn't Kill Us

March 2010

My sto­ry "Salt and Hon­ey" will appear in GUD in the fall.

My sto­ry "The Green Man" will appear in "Wilder­ness House Lit­er­ary Review."

Feb­ru­ary 2010

Two poems will appear in "Cori­um."

My sto­ry Bad­man will appear in "New­port Review."

Jan­u­ary 2010

Five poems appear in "Down Dirty Word"

Novem­ber 2009

Three sto­ries will appear in the print edi­tion of "Wrong Tree Review."

'Hun­gry' will appear in the spring issue of "JMWW".

Octo­ber 2009

My sto­ry 'Here is My Heart' will appear in the first issue of "A Trunk of Delir­i­um."

My sto­ry 'True Love' was reprint­ed in the "Best of Wilder­ness House Review #3."

Three poems appeared in "13 Mynah Birds."

Three poems will appear in the "Dead Mule."

August 2009

My sto­ry 'Crater' will appear in Som­nam­bu­list Quar­ter­ly.

July 2009

My sto­ries 'Dumb Won­der' and 'The Feel of My Heart' appear in PIF.

My sto­ries 'Naked at The Gates' and 'The Feel of My Heart' appear in Wrong Tree Review.

June 2009

My sto­ries 'An Arrange­ment' and 'The Mouths that Breathe, the Air that Catch­es' appear in Trail­er Park Quar­ter­ly.

My essay 'COAP­ing with Revi­sion' will appear in the Rose Met­al Press Field Guide to Flash Fic­tion.

My sto­ry 'Wit­ness' will be reprint­ed in the new launch of Stac­ca­to.

Jan­u­ary 2009

My poem 'Ocean Ave, Winthrop: Address­ing The Breakup Pho­to While Dis­turbed' appears in Thieves Jar­gon.

My poem 'The Quick and the Just Dead' will appear in Poet­ry Midwest's Win­ter 2009 issue.

My poems 'Aban­don­ment' and 'How One Word Con­notes a Star' appear in Scape­goat Review.

My prose poem 'What Face­book Updates Real­ly Mean' appears in DOGZPLOT.

My sto­ry 'Hun­dred Dol­lar Hit' will appear in Wrong Tree Review.

Decem­ber 2008

Sto­ries 'How Cats Die' and 'The Howl­ing' appear in DOGZPLOT.

Octo­ber 2008

My sto­ry 'The Learn­ing Chan­nel' appears in decomP.

Sep­tem­ber 2008

My poem 'What the Stars Tell' will appear in Lone Star Sto­ries.

My sto­ry 'True Love' will be reprint­ed in an anthol­o­gy called Dogs Wet and Dry.

My sto­ry 'Bare­ly Light' will appear in Twelve Sto­ries.

May 2008

My poem 'Love Song' will appear in Nib­ble.

My poems 'Phlo­gis­ton' and 'When the Wrong Words Get Said' will appear in Thieves Jar­gon.

March 2008

My poem, 'The Ex-Boyfriend Checks In on Sat­ur­day Night by Cell Phone', appears in Lit Up.

My sto­ries 'The Prince of Every­thing' and 'True Love' will appear in Wilder­ness House Lit­er­ary Review.

Decem­ber 2007

My sto­ries, 'The First Time He Met a Com­mu­nist' and 'No Pret­ty Boy' will appear in Temenos.

August 2007

My sto­ry 'At the Esso' will appear in Ward 6 Review.

July 2007

My poem 'Under the Flow­ers a Car­cass Waits' will be pub­lished in GUD Issue 2.

My sto­ry 'The Mid­dle Draw­er' will be pub­lished in Xelas.

June 2007

My poem 'Ship­wreck Bar' will appear in the Barn Owl Review.

May 2007

My hun­dred word sto­ry '1972' will appear in Tues­day Shorts.

My sto­ry 'O Sad­dam!' will appear in Post Road.

My poem 'For My Love­ly Neigh­bor, Who Sun­bathes in the Nude' will appear in eli­mae.

Sun­ny­out­side Press will be pub­lish­ing a chap­book of my flash fic­tion in 2007.

March 2007

My sto­ry 'Wait­ing for Noth­ing' will appear in Word Riot.

Feb­ru­ary 2007

My sto­ry 'If the Tree Falls' will appear in Small Spi­ral Note­book.

Jan­u­ary 2007

My sto­ry 'There Swells and Jets a Heart' will appear in Smoke­Long Quar­ter­ly.

My sto­ry 'World Inside the World' will appear in the Angler.

My poems "The Intrigue of Being Watched" and "Hunt­ing Sea­son" will appear
in GUD Issue 1.

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