White Trash

An anthology of ‘white trash’ poems and fiction edited by Rusty Barnes and Timothy Gager, forthcoming in late 2016/early 2017.

White Trash: An Anthology, is an attempt, through poetry and short fiction–3000 words or fewer–to humanize those members of American society often called white trash or rednecks, one of the few remaining subsets of individuals it’s OK to ridicule and stereotype. We invite submissions from anyone who thinks they have something to say on the subject, those who know others well enough to impress us with that knowledge, and with particular attention to those who have been identified or self-identify as white trash.

White Trash opens for submissions on October 1st, 2015: send queries, poems and stories under 3000 words to whitetrashsubs@gmail.com. We prefer documents attached in .doc format, though .rtf and .odt are fine too. Please don’t send PDFs. We’ll just have to ask you for compatible documents later in the editorial process.

The product will be a 6X9 paperback book with full color cover and ISBN, retailed in all the usual places. We will consider reprints (please cite the original source so we can do so as well). Submissions will not be read blind. Response time will vary, but shouldn’t take too long. Simultaneous submissions are fine; just let us know that’s what you’re doing so we can try to be quicker than the other guys. We can’t pay you. Any other questions, please query.