Eggs of American Songbirds

Eggs of American Songbirds by Kenneth L. Clark

design by Sue Miller

Kenneth Clark writes poetry and micro-fiction. He grew up outside of New Orleans, and has resided in southeast Asia, and most of the southeastern United States. His work has appeared in Greatest Uncommon Denominator, Fried Chicken and CoffeePoor Mojo’s Almanac(k), Night Train, and elsewhere. He was a 2009 Pushcart Prize nominee, and is the author of The Collected Histories of Water. He currently lives fifteen miles from Florida and fifteen miles from Georgia.

Eggs of American Songbirds is a 34 page, 5.5 X 7.5  chapbook with hand-tinted vellum and marbled inserts as well as a hand-stitched spine and a custom attached fleur-de-lis bookmark. It is available in a first edition of 90, priced at $8, as well as in an edition of ten, signed and numbered by the author and priced at $20. Official release date: 12/13/10.

Out of print.

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  3. Rusty says:

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  4. Mike Munsil says:


    tried to order but the paypal button just sent me to my account without any indication of the order.


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