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In exciting new news, Redneck Press and Fried Chicken and Coffee will be publishing three poetry chapbooks in 2010/2011: new chapbooks from Dennis Mahagin, Timothy Gager.

Kenneth Clark’s Eggs of American Songbirds was officially released on 12/13/10.

Submissions for the 2012 chapbook series are open. Please use Submishmash and be sure to include details of why you think Redneck Press/FCAC is the right press for you. Please don’t send me bullshit. Read the blog, the stories, the poems, the manifesto, and be sure you’ve read a published poem or two within the last century and can demonstrate that knowledge by what you’ve written. You could buy and read our first chapbook release, too.  That wouldn’t hurt your chances at all.

Our next chapbooks will be from:

Dennis Mahagin’s chapbook Fare will be published in 2011. Dennis is a poet and writer from the Pacific Northwest.  He was born in Butte, Montana, and studied Music, Literature  and History at Whitman College and Portland State University.  His poems and stories have appeared in magazines such as  Exquisite Corpse, 42opus, Absinthe Literary Review, Stirring, Night Train, Keyhole, 3 A.M., Thieves Jargon, Storyglossia, and Smokelong Quarterly. Writers who have influenced his style include Thom Jones, Barry Hannah, Denis  Johnson, Gregory Corso, Kim Addonizio, and Dorianne Laux. A first book-length collection of Dennis’s poetry is forthcoming in late 2011, from Rebel Satori Press.

Timothy Gager’s chapbook Anti-Social Network will be published in 2011. Timothy Gager is the author of eight books of short fiction and poetry. His latest, Treating a Sick Animal (Cervena Barva Press) features over forty stories, many previously published in various literary magazines. He has hosted the successful Dire Literary Series in Cambridge, Massachusetts every month for the past ten years and is the co-founder of Somerville News Writers Festival.

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