Here is a list of writers and subjects I like and/or find kinship with; hopefully this will help submitters decide if Fried Chicken and Coffee is right for their work.

rural literature

working-class literature

Appalachian literature

grit lit

Rough South


white trash




Harry Crews

Larry Brown

Dorothy Allison

Paula K. Gover

Lisa Koger

Chris Offutt

Silas House

Chris Holbrook

Lee Smith

Ron Rash

Richard Ford

Jim Harrison

Donald Ray Pollock

Tom Franklin

Cormac McCarthy

Andre Dubus

William Gay

Charles Frazier

Michael Gills

Tom Cobb

Breece Pancake

Pete Fromm

Nelson Algren

Dorianne Laux

Mary Lee Settle

Mary Hood

Daniel Woodrell

Dagoberto Gilb

James Lee Burke

Isabel Zuber

Willy Vlautin

James Crumley

Gwyn Hyman Rubio

Jayne Ann Phillips

Charlie Smith

Andrew Hudgins

Richard Hugo

James Dickey

Chuck Kinder

Gurney Norman

James Still

Wendell Berry

Mark Richard

Pinckney Benedict

Tim McLaurin

Brad Watson

Steve Yarbrough

Rick Bass

Richard Currey

Bobbie Ann Mason

Dale Ray Phillips

The Submissions:

No word limit/no content guidelines, within the broad categories I’ve established in my first post to this blogazine. Anything more than 8000 words would have to be done in serial form, I would think, and be exceptional too. Send me rural, funky, dirty stories about churchgoing women who never sin. I’d like to read that. What about the story I lived, the one where the kid moves away and goes to college and becomes a writer, and until he’s thirty, his male relatives hitch their drawers and ask him when he’s going to be out of school? Except don’t write about writing. I don’t care much, since I live it. I would love to see more stories about women, though. Get to the grit, get to the love, show me the scars, and take Harry Crews to heart: “Blood, bone, and nerve, that’s fiction. Show me the stuff that cuts to the quick.”

In case you’re coming here cold, I’ve been editing other writers for nearly fifteen years now, and for the last six of these I’ve read hundreds and thousands of stories. Your Bukowski knockoffs are not going to make it, son. Sorry. Nor do nostalgic o-it-was-better-back-then stories stand much of a chance, unless they really, really transcend.

Fried Chicken and Coffee is currently closed for submissions.

12 Responses to Submissions

  1. Rusty says:

    Hi Ramona–I’m not sure when we’ll reopen. I’m still searching for the right person to take over the operation.

  2. Ramona Thompson says:

    When will you be open again to submissions?

  3. Rusty says:

    We try to run new content every three days all year round.

  4. Rob Pierce says:

    Hey Rusty,

    What’s the deadline on the next issue?

  5. Rusty says:

    They’re free to go, Wendy. Sorry I didn’t see this till now.

  6. Hey, ho Rusty,

    I have this little question:
    I sent you five poems. You used one. Are you planning to use the others or may those pups look for another home?
    Happy Thanksgiving–

  7. We have lots in common. I look forward to reading your book!
    I traded boot leggin’ for booK leggin’ myself.

    Hard business as you might know.

  8. Grit Lit, Rusty. Grit Lit. Yay-us!
    – The Legendary

  9. Rusty says:

    Hi James. We do accept reprints, and we don’t pay for work, sad to say. I wish it were otherwise.

  10. James Finn1 says:

    Do you accept reprints? Do you pay for short stories?

  11. lisa says:

    Love you tell us what you want… I’m gonna be writing cold….I am a woman..been through it…and I won’t write like this when I submit..Been a long time since I have written. From MS and AL live in Mtns of NC… Happy New Year to ya…

  12. mscosmiccat says:

    I just wanted to say that I found this site today while googling “fracking in northern Pennsylvania and I put a link to it on the news section of where I am a member. Mainly because the subject of fracking came up and I live in Bradford County part time, and also, because I love fried chicken and coffee. I’m also a writer, nothing published, in the process with a book of poetry to be called “Junkyard Manifesto.” I’m am having one hell of a time trying to register/sign in on this Gravitar thing and have no clue combined with poor short term memory. Oh, well, hello to you and have a nice day. Ms Cosmiccat

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