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The Stonekings, fiction by Willi Goehring

Once, when I was naked, running around in the woods, I could have sworn I saw an old friend I used to play fiddle with. He’d been out there for months, the way I saw him, and had only the … Continue reading

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Cartin's Brick, fiction by Jarrid Deaton

My daughter, Laney, she got pregnant not long after her sixteenth birthday.  Me and Nora were disappointed, sure, but we didn’t come  down on her with lectures or anger. We just told her that we’d help out as much as needed, … Continue reading

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Cow-Tipping, fiction by Mark Staniforth

The sight of all those schoolgirls’ legs unfolding off the buses at just past four o’clock every afternoon is almost enough to shut anybody up, except for Roscoe Williams when he’s got another one of them stupid ideas of his … Continue reading

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Karl Koweski's Holly Go Darkly, fiction

When I cup my palm against my mouth I can smell her on me.  A not unpleasant odor that instills a desire for more.  I stand in the bathroom of an almost expensive hotel.  There’s enough light bulbs above the … Continue reading

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Aphelia and Leigh, fiction by Kyle Hemmings

We were listening to Doodles Weaver crack jokes on Rudy Vallee’s radio show when it happened. We were catching dust from the open car windows, the dry wind from the Black Mesa. Maybe if Aphelia hadn’t driven her father’s rickety … Continue reading

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High Cotton, by Barrett Hathcock

When they cotton dive, the boys become serious. They coil into themselves, squatting on the lip of the metal cotton bins, and they thrust their bodies into the air. The boys go for distance, they go for height, but their … Continue reading

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On Cadillac Mountain, by Nathan Graziano

On the night Darla died, Wayne was sitting at the kitchen table, washing down a couple of her Percocets with a cold Budweiser, when it he slapped him like a strip of leather across his bearded cheek. He knew. That’s … Continue reading

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My Friend is Dying, fiction by Matt Baker

It didn’t take long for word to get around that our buddy Pooter was dying of lung cancer. Some of the guys got to talking one day and decided we should drive the four hours to go and visit him. … Continue reading

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Dig Well, by Gabriel Orgrease

For all the wells which his father’s servants had digged in the days of Abraham his father, the Philistines had stopped them, and filled them with earth. Genesis 26:15 Damn, I hate August. . . hot, humid, stinking dead days … Continue reading

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Justice Boys, by Sheryl Monks

Rita takes the baby, still screaming, from the tub of water, lays him on his back on the floor between her legs, kneads his stomach, fit to burst, with her fingers. Beside them, shards of soap, homemade suppositories. His face … Continue reading

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