Hello Again

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I promised to post more dur­ing this peri­od of time, but…stuff got away from me. On the pub­lish­ing news front, I've man­aged to place poems in four jour­nals over these last few months, Plumb, Ginosko, BEAT to a PULP amd FRiGG. I'll also have anoth­er Kraj sto­ry in Mys­tery Tri­bune com­ing up soon, and anoth­er in Goli­ad Review this fall.

I'll be at Boucher­con in the fall too, late Octo­ber, ear­ly Novem­ber, so look me up or drop me a note via social media before­hand. I'd like to get togeth­er, as I don't get to min­gle very often. That's about all for now.

BEAT to a PULP splash page
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  1. Jim Wilsky says:

    Rusty, see you at Boucher­con. Look for­ward to meet­ing you. I'll be the guy in the cor­ner, but act­ing like I'm talk­ing on the phone to some­body very, very impor­tant. You know, like an agent or some­thing. — Jim

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