Slow News Days

Not really. I’ve had welcome visitors for a week now and I have a new issue of Night Train due out soon. I figure we’ll be back to regular posting in about a week. In the meantime, theres’ this:

Wikimedia Commons

Activists from across Appalachia are in Washington, DC, this week to call attention to mountaintop removal coal mining, the controversial practice of blowing up mountains to reach coal reserves. Appalachia Rising participants will march from the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters to the White House on Monday and hold a lobby day Tuesday to call attention to the practice they say is destroying their homes and communities.

“The region’s not going to survive much longer if we don’t do something soon,” says Dustin White of Charleston, W.Va., in town for this week’s events. White, a 27-year-old with a crew cut and glasses, is orginally from James Creek, a community of about 100 people on Cook Mountain in the southwestern part of West Virginia. The mountain was named for one of his ancestors, and many are buried nearby. Two months ago, Patriot Coal Corporation, one of the largest mining companies in the country, told White’s father, a former coal miner, that they would soon be blasting near his home. More.

I’ll be updating my personal pages here with some good stuff about the next book (I’m using FCAC as my main personal site now, since I spend 80% of my time updating here anyway) but as I said: see ya when NT 10.2 goes live.

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