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Tobacco Spitting and Tomahawk Throwing

Go to the Summer Redneck Games,  if that’s your thing. I’d like to point out that a true Redneck Games would have tobacco spitting contests instead of watermelon seeds. I feel like rambling and riffing, as sometimes happens when I’m not … Continue reading

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The Mountain Whose Shadow We Lived In, fiction by Jack Boettcher

My kid transferred through every school on our side of the mountain. Only six, but a fighter. I didn’t teach him that. The principals ask, – “well, Mr. Doppler, where might Fred have learned to lash out?” Nature, I say. … Continue reading

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Those of you with HBO–look for it. Trailer New content coming soon, so hang tight.

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Mindy Beth Miller via Bent Country’s Sheldon Compton

More young Appalachian writers to watch out for: Mindy Beth Miller and Sheldon Compton. Before anything else, have a look at Mindy Beth Miller’s writing chops. Here’s a couple paragraphs to give you a taste: “Back on Low Gap, the … Continue reading

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Daniel Woodrell’s Winter’s Bone, the film

These notes may be late to the party, but I just got this first review in my email via Google Alert. It’s difficult to believe this description of the movie Winter’s Bone, based on the novel by Daniel Woodrell, has … Continue reading

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