Barry Hannah Memorial Competition Results

Results are in, and here are the prizes, if you’ve forgotten:

  • First prize: packet of Hannah books,  AirshipsRayGeronimo Rex, a $25.00 gift card from Barnes & Noble
  • Second prize: Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction and my book Breaking it Down.
  • Third prize: Breaking it Down
  • All placing stories will be published in Fried Chicken and Coffee

First prize winner: Jeff Crook,  ‘The End of the War’

Second prize winner: Charles Hale, ‘The Wire Out’

Third prize winner: Nathan Gower, ‘What’s There to Talk About?’

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2 Responses to Barry Hannah Memorial Competition Results

  1. Nathan Gower says:

    Thrilled to be included.

  2. Jeff says:

    Many thanks. Rusty. This means the world to me.

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