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Trailer Park Fragments by David Ensminger

Mike Young published this e-book, Trailer Park Fragments: A Place called Whispering Lanes, through his Magic Helicopter Press. I urge you to check it out. I was going to say it gives you a perspective on trailer parks you maybe … Continue reading

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Rural Brain Drain

I left, too. They’re talking about people like me, in the Chronicle of Higher Education. By Patrick J. Carr and Maria J. KefalasWhat is going on in small-town America? The nation’s mythology of small towns comes to us straight from … Continue reading

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Silas House and Ben Sollee Read and Sing


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Two Poems by D. E. Oprava

DEEP VIDALIA DIRT Tomorrow he’ll be back at work cleaning rigson a truck-stop tarmac off highway forty-one, suckingup diesel and putting more sweat, less lovein the hub caps that need to gleam brighterthan a southern sun. He’s had his eye … Continue reading

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Down by the Creek, fiction by M.E. Parker

Stove up from working the harvest, Jessie hobbled up the porch steps holding his hand out for Chester. “Ches,” he called. The old bloodhound, “nothing but ears and ribs” snoozing in the shape of a question mark, usually stumbled up … Continue reading

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Rural Medical Camp Tackles Health Care Gaps

  Betty Lettenberger/NPR Link gakked from AppyLove, story from NPR. Think about this story for a moment. Or two. We need new, better, options for health care, and we need them yesterday. And that’s probably as political a post as … Continue reading

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Wine and Cheese with Alexi and Natasha

Last night in my apartment, I heard Natasha through the thin walls, “Nyet! Nyet!” Today I stare at her black eye when we have wine, whiskey and cheese as we do every month. “You like my wife?” Alexi asks. Natasha … Continue reading

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Aphelia and Leigh, fiction by Kyle Hemmings

We were listening to Doodles Weaver crack jokes on Rudy Vallee’s radio show when it happened. We were catching dust from the open car windows, the dry wind from the Black Mesa. Maybe if Aphelia hadn’t driven her father’s rickety … Continue reading

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High Cotton, by Barrett Hathcock

When they cotton dive, the boys become serious. They coil into themselves, squatting on the lip of the metal cotton bins, and they thrust their bodies into the air. The boys go for distance, they go for height, but their … Continue reading

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History as a Weapon: The Question of Class, by Dorothy Allison

  Source: Berry College Many years ago, when I first began teaching writing, I had the opportunity to design an introductory writing (essay) course, in which we read and discussed theory and criticism as well as original creative works. I … Continue reading

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