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If Only it Had Rained Cats and Dogs, fiction by John Sharp

When hurricane Katrina finished burying New Orleans it swept up the central United States, turning into thunderstorms that dumped rain and hail on the Midwest, and ultimately dropping an alligator into the backyard of Joe Pringle of Wingett Run, Ohio, … Continue reading

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Justice Boys, by Sheryl Monks

Rita takes the baby, still screaming, from the tub of water, lays him on his back on the floor between her legs, kneads his stomach, fit to burst, with her fingers. Beside them, shards of soap, homemade suppositories. His face … Continue reading

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Survivalism: Not Just For the Right-Winged Anymore

Original fiction, essays,and poetry coming tomorrow or the next day; it’s been a bit of a wreck around here last week and this. Had to make a quick trip back to my parents to visit my 95-year-old grandma, who is … Continue reading

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Boner Jones, fiction by Antonios Maltezos

Boner Jones would see about getting a pair of moulded insoles made for his feet like the cripples wear, so the bottoms of his shoes would hit the ground properly. He would have his pants tailor made, stitched special so … Continue reading

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Armed America. . .

This is a placeholder post, kind of, while we trek kids all over MA and while I try to recover from whatever made me sleep for 19 hours yesterday. Feeling like crap, in other words. My family owned a lot … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Titty Bar

The first girl that came out was a lava lamp. As if her arms moved through water. Her warm motion practiced and secure. Shadows gathered under her breasts. Copper light ovaled across her belly, licked down her thigh. Her eyes … Continue reading

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[youtube=] My friend Ray reminded me of this song on Facebook. I don’t really have much to say about it–love John Prine–except that the movie he references, Daddy and Them, might have been really good, but it’s sadly not. It’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon at Earl's, fiction by Randy Lowens

The driver’s window is down. Pavement hums beneath his tires, air beats against the rear windshield, and the engine howls as he climbs. A heifer moans from a shadowed pasture on the roadside. Logan gears down as he rounds a … Continue reading

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A Review of Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town

I gakked this from Halvard Johnson on Facebook. Not the meth, the review, dummy. Let’s hope it’s theft he doesn’t mind. It is the NY Times after all. By WALTER KIRN Published: July 1, 2009 Think globally, suffer locally. This … Continue reading

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