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Bent Country, by Sheldon Lee Compton

I steadied myself on the embankment. Below, down the hooknose incline of brush and gravel, ran the tracks, glinting like a school of silver fish running in the moonlight to chase the C & O. I stood carefully, leaned my … Continue reading

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James Baker Hall Dead

James Baker Hall died on June 25th. I confess to not having read him (yet–only so much time and energy in one life-span) but I had read about him a few times in connection with Wendell Berry. The poems I’m … Continue reading

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Interview with Dorothy Allison

This is not my interview–I will have some up one of these days, though–but one by Susanne Dietzel from Tulane University, conducted in 1995. When I taught a writing course using what I called White Trash Literature maybe ten years … Continue reading

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How I Learned To Shut Up And Listen

What to say about Rachel who presseda dark pistol against her chest and gave upin the middle of the day at the lakefront—the hot cutting from tit to ass cheek,missing all of the organs except hermind which to this day … Continue reading

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A Catfish Skeleton Reminder

I have been away on vacation with the fam. At the Museum of Natural History, I ran into a catfish skeleton, so I had my lovely bride Heather take a picture, in lieu of breaking the glass case and committing … Continue reading

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That Secret Code: Working Class Literature

I pulled these interviews by Orman Day from the site of Third Coast several months ago meaning to add to my collection of links on or related to Larry Brown. While I wouldn’t call his portion revelatory, exactly, Brown’s story … Continue reading

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Love Letter by Donna Vitucci

Dear Sam, Once they sprung you loose from the war, why go to a no-name Oklahoma town, among strangers? Why hole up in a boarding house with a freckled girl who has no idea the shine and purpose you held … Continue reading

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Writers Who Deserve More Attention I: Tim McLaurin

I mean, besides all of them. 🙂 I’d like to create a warehouse of links occasionally, referencing writers who may or may not be on your list of popular or well-enough-known writers, along with some small commentary. When I do … Continue reading

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Blind Lemon, by Jim Parks

“[African-American folklore] is like jazz; there’s no inherent problem which prohibits understanding but the assumptions brought to it.” –Ralph Ellison, Paris Review No. 8 Interview by Alfred Chester & Vilma Howard Walking into the uncomfortable warmth of the building, the … Continue reading

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Quick Informational Post–Request for Submissions

If your creative work owes anything to or resembles the works of the following list of folks, please consider sending me a story or poem or essay to feature on Fried Chicken and Coffee. Harry Crews, Larry Brown, Dorothy Allison, … Continue reading

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