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Russell Banks and Contextualized Naturalism

I find this article, linked from Conversational Reading, fascinating. While discussing Russell Banks’ book Affliction, Daniel Green posits some reasons why Banks, often read as a realist or naturalist in his later work, is actually continuing along the path on … Continue reading

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Ebony and Irony

White Trash Blues: Class Privilege vs. White Privilege Jennifer Kesler has some good points in this post from the blog Blind Privilege (see below for her comments indented after mine), and the comment stream is worth reading as well. I … Continue reading

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Redneck Gottdamn Rampage!

I played this game with all my spare time back in the mid-90s when computer games were so much more fun than they are now. Its graphics are primitive, the plot is nonexistent. It’s a first-person shooter. I hate those … Continue reading

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Bonding, by Jarrid Deaton

My father, an old slaughterhouse man, decided to keep hens on our property around my twelfth birthday. The coop was an unbalanced structure that sat close to the cold white bricks of the slaughterhouse and just down from our garage. … Continue reading

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Times I Nearly Died, non-fiction by Murray Dunlap

When I was born, with Highline Membrane Disease. The doctors gave me even odds. My father was out hunting, drunk. When Scarlet Fever found me. When the old dude who lived next door’s tree house gave way to one hundred … Continue reading

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Points To Consider: White Trash or Not?

One can hope this woman is employing irony. Let’s look at why women might label themselves this way: They want to get laid, easily (but does any woman –white trash or no–need to employ anything to do that?) They want … Continue reading

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The Map of Your World

This tells you everything you need to know. No kidding. I really am going to concentrate more on this fine place I’ve dug for myself, soon. In the interim, I’ve discovered that gas and oil leases in my home county, … Continue reading

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