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Happy Labor Day? Not in Appalachia

(or anywhere else, really). CHARLESTON — The portion of Appalachian states living in poverty last year increased by 114,000 people to 13.3 million, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures released Tuesday. But it’s all going swimmingly, isn’t it? That’s what … Continue reading

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Cotton Season by Jim Parks

William Pierce, Jr., grasped his hip with both hands and tugged with all his strength against the action of the auger that had caught his leg and was pulling his body to bloody pieces. Red Smith locked eyes with him … Continue reading

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To Which I Can Only Say "No Shit?"

Study: Mental Illness More Common In Appalachia. Of particular interest, I find, from page 18 of this mammoth report: Barriers to the use of treatment services include social stigma for those who seek care, lack oftransportation, non-recognition of the root … Continue reading

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What's Coming Around the Ding-Dang

There are a number of people stopping by today to read yesterday’s post, by the way. Hi. No one’s saying much, though. If you were—ahem—interested in this sort of subject matter, as you seem to be, what kinds of discussions … Continue reading

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Old-Time Religion by Beverly A. Jackson

(originally appeared in Dead Mule) She loves him as only a Christian womancan love a man; crucifies him with love,bears witness to love, kills him with devotion.She is called Jude. She singsJesus Loves Me with a power thatpromises He’d darn-sight … Continue reading

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Approaching the Rural Theme

Sven Birkerts, in one of his many books or essays—every one is worth your while, by the way; I’ve read them many times in some cases—makes a case that we haven’t really seen a representative literary novel (I’d expand this … Continue reading

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Have Some Chicken And Joe!

Night Train is my main baby, let’s keep that straight. However much it’s ‘my’ journal, I feel constrained, by dint of the stories and poems we’ve published in the past, and our status as a non-profit combined with our incorporation … Continue reading

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